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 Afar Salt™, the world’s most magnificent sea salt product, has been coveted, protected and traded for millennia according to ancient Afar tradition.  We invite you to experience this exclusive natural wonder of  Afar Salt™  the first, the best.





The combination of intense heat, wind and pressure within the lowest depths of the Earth form this marvel to behold, pure, multi-gradient pearls of salt. Created only by Mother Nature, Afar Salt Pearls™ are naturally formed in a variety of sizes ranging from The Finest Pearl (.04”) to The Mother Pearl (1”).




 Afar Salt™, the world’s premier sea salt product, is harvested from the saltiest body of water on Earth, Lake Assal, located at the lowest geographical point in Africa.  Produced by Mother Nature, Afar Salt™ is a natural wonder in the world of sea salts.


All Natural Organic
• Sea Water Salinity
• Sea Salt Purity
• High Mineral Content
• Fair Trade Practice

The most unique natural wonder in the world of salts.

The purest, finest sea salt product ever to be traded.

Afar Salt™ exemplifies the highest standards of excellence in sea salt. All natural, Afar Salt's™ purity ranges between 98.5% - 99.5% pure sodium chloride with high trace mineral content derived from the Red Sea, one of the worlds most mineral rich, life supporting bodies of water.


Salt has been used by man since time immemorial to preserve food and enhance flavor. As a seasoning Afar Salt™ surpasses the taste tests of any cook, from the health conscious to gourmet chefs. It is a premier natural sea salt with the highest concentration of saline on Earth. Afar Salt™ is most flavorful and provides additional health benefits. Gourmet chefs are enchanted with the taste multi-grades and uses of Afar Salt™. Mineral rich, and incredibly clean and pure, you can taste the difference in Afar Salt™

 Afar Salt™ is produced by Mother Nature and harvested by The Afar people

direct from the pure and pristine waters of Lake Assal and The Red Sea.