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Afar Salt™ enhances and maintains the natural beauty and well being of your skin.  Trace minerals are abundant in Afar Salt™ and beneficial for your body.  Drawn from subsurface hot springs generated by geothermal activity throughout the Afar Triangle – pure salt mingles within the Earths interior storehouse of minerals creating a medicine which protects beauty and wellness.   Lake Assal is a natural hot spring with the perfect trace mineral/salinity balance. 

Afar Salt™ captures the natural composition of hot mineral springs in the Afar Triangle and transforms your bath or spa into an experience of wonder.  The Afar Salt Pearls™  have a round shape and smooth texture introducing a revolutionary new feature into the world of salt scrubs and salt glow treatments.

Afar Salt™ nourishes the skin and body and has been used for millennia for its health and beauty benefits.  


Afar Salt ™ is revolutionizing the spa industry.

The Afar Salt waters have ceremonial significance among the Afar and other people living in the region, who pilgrimage to the sacred waters for its medicinal healing properties.  

Afar Salt Pearls are nonabrasive and leave your skin glowing!

 Afar Salt™ is produced by Mother Nature and harvested by The Afar people

direct from the pure and pristine waters of Lake Assal and The Red Sea.