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When we first arrived at Lake Assal in the beginning months of 2009 the residents there saw us as tourists they’d be able to peddle souvenirs to.  Their “gifts” as they call them are offered to tourists for whatever tokens the visitors are inspired to give.  The merchandise consists of salt crusted goat skulls, beautiful crystals of gypsum and the most majestic sea salt product we or the world have ever seen, Afar Salt™.    They didn’t know what our intentions were for them but we asked them continuously to pray for the success of our endeavors and paid them handsomely for their “gifts” which became our first Afar Salt™ samples.  



Afar Salt™ with The Sultan of Tadjourah and cabinet.

Afar Salt™ with The Governor of Tadjourah.

Afar Salt™ with "Little Muhammad", our star who takes care of his family with his proceeds from Afar salt

The Afar people of Lake Assal know exploitation all too well, being occasionally hired to fill a few orders for 50 kilo bags of salt from their traditional homeland reserves only to be discarded back into the harsh realities within their inhospitable and desolate lives. 



The locals that greeted us then are members of our production team now with goals for our company to produce better housing with clean running water, a primary and secondary school for the education of their youth, along with a health clinic and international birth and wellness center.  The Afar people of Lake Assal feel that their hopes are being realized with a promising future and invite all to experience the purest, finest sea salt product ever to be traded.  Afar Salt™. The first, The best!

 Afar Salt™ is produced by Mother Nature and harvested by The Afar people.

Afar Salt  . The First, The Best!

The mission and philosophy of Afar Salt™ goes "Beyond Fair Trade", and fair business practice. Our goals are to have indigenous producers of all-natural products as co-owners with financial stakes in our company. 

 Afar Salt™ is produced by Mother Nature and harvested by The Afar people

direct from the pure and pristine waters of Lake Assal and The Red Sea.