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     Salt has been used by man since time immemorial to preserve food and enhance flavor.  As a seasoning,  Afar Salt™ surpasses the taste test of any cook, from the health conscious to gourmet chefs.  It is a premier natural sea salt with the highest concentration of saline on Earth.  Afar Salt™ is more flavorful and provides additional health benefits.  Gourmet chefs are enchanted with the taste, multi-grades and uses of  Afar Salt™.  Mineral rich, yet incredibly clean and pure, you can taste the difference in Afar Salt™!

   For  centuries  Afar Salt™ has been the predominant commodity in Abyssinia, traded at the port towns of Zeila, Tadjourah and Adulis.  In a region of the world, renowned for their fine cuisine,  Afar Salt™ is at the center of uncounted rich and elaborate mixtures of seasonings and spices.  Afar Salt™ adds taste and a flavor of its own that is natural and smooth and compliments any dish. 










     The pearls cook into your dish and release flavor in concentration so less is required, making  Afar Salt™ a positive health factor as well.   Afar Salt™by tradition and practice has many health benefits from cleansing and strengthening the blood, improving circulation, maintaining regularity, tissue detoxification, bone and joint health and much, much more. 


    The main ingredient within many closely guarded traditional East African recipes,  Afar Salt™ is well suited for the trained chef, the inherent cook and the conscientious mom.  The Afar Salt Pearls™ are perfect for stews and soups, meats, vegetables and especially seafood and salads. 

 Afar Salt surpasses the taste test of any cook! 

From our hands to your table.

 Afar Salt™ is produced by Mother Nature and harvested by The Afar people

direct from the pure and pristine waters of Lake Assal and The Red Sea.