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Volume #2 Dare to Compare!

June 9, 2014


First let me say that I’m not impartial to all sea salts nor am I a connoisseur, in fact, I’m biased. Afar Salt TM is by far the best sea salt product. If you’re making the move from processed salt to any all-natural sea salt product, Afar Salt TM is the move to make. The glorious thing is that today there are a multitude of sea salt products on the market with a host of different flavors, uses and stories behind them. Yet all things aren’t always what they seem and some sea salts may be processed salt in disguise, so beware.


Truly, people want to know what the differences are between the various sea salt options, and honestly speaking, it is an arduous task to try and compare them all. I can speak on those of which I do have a rapport, which also happen to be among the best. I am judging based on taste, texture, shape, color, origin, purity, novelty, etc.


Celtic Sea Salt has been in the market for quite some time and for good reasons has become well established. When I became interested in the benefits of sea salt, I began to purchase Celtic Sea Salt. The French and The Portuguese sea salts, I used for cooking and for finishing. I preferred the taste compared to processed salts, and I liked the fact that they highlighted the history and culture of the producers and also the time honored salt harvesting tradition.


Hats off to Celtic Sea Salt for being a pioneer, and also hats off to all the many Flor de Sel products coming out from all over the world highlighting the cultural and historical significance and taste as well. The next salt that I discovered was Himalayan Salt. I kept a box of Himalayan in the cabinet and also used it for cooking and finishing. I liked Himalayan Salt because of its fascinating look and background and again preferred the taste to the traditional processed salts. Himalayan salt became very popular and still is but I the Himalayan brands which still support the local small producers instead of the large industrial producers. There is a tradition to be upheld!


Bali Sea Salt soon became devoted to my kitchen cabinet as well, and I was blown away when I saw the pyramid shaped crystals. Bali Sea Salt has a great story and I love the packaging. I greatly preferred the taste of Bali Sea Salt compared to processed salt and also cooked with it and used it as a finish. I would crush those pyramid crystals right onto the food on my plate and enjoyed it, just like I did the Himalayan Salt and Celtic Sea Salt. 


When I became acquainted with Afar Salt TM and Afar Salt Pearls, need I say, I preferred the taste the best in comparison to all the others, especially the unpleasant processed salts. Fortunately, Afar Salt TM was never able to enjoy life on the inside of my kitchen cabinets. Those beautiful, white treasures from Mother Nature resided right down on the kitchen table and on the counter right next to the stove at all times! Afar Salt TM offers flavor unparalleled for a pure sea salt, and has been utilized since ancient days not only as a life supporting seasoning but as a medicine as well. People comment on the difference in taste of Afar Salt TM immediately. Afar Salt TM tastes clean, smooth and rich; not overbearing, just right.


I’ve been asked most, by potential customers, about a comparison between Himalayan Salt and Afar Salt TM and wasn't afraid to say that Himalayan was one of my favorites. And although the cultural stories of our products share similarities, the greatest difference for me is in the purity. Lake Assal, the producer of Afar Salt TM, is a pristine brine salt lake, the saltiest body of water on Earth, purified through the earth’s interior in the form of underground hot springs and derived from the mineral rich, life and bio-diversity supporting waters of The Red Sea. Himalayan Salt, being a rock salt mined from ancient dried sea salt deposits forged into a mountain, has its own fascinating and unique character opposite to that of Afar Salt TM, of which Mother Nature decided to emphasize on purity as well as character, class and taste.


Afar Salt TM focuses on The Producers, highlighting the deep culture and tradition of salt harvesting in The Afar Triangle going back to the beginning of trade. From the ancient, salt pan production system locally termed “Afar Salt TM Gardens” which dot the African side of the Southern Red Sea coast, still in use today, producing their “white gold”. Down to the treasures of Lake Assal, Afar Salt Pearls, a completely unique natural wonder in salt formation. The beach is salt! Our Afar Salt TM, natural fine grade is simply placed in bags directly from the salt beach, already thoroughly dried by the intensely hot sun.

Honestly speaking, I think that the wide variety in sea salt products today is wonderful and amazing. Mainly the sea salts emphasizing history and culture and are supporting the small producers. My hats off to all of the multitudes of natural sea salt, and rock salt products on the market. They, as well as Afar Salt TM taste better than the salts processed and stripped of its nutrients, and is healthier as well. Afar Salt TM, for me, and for many, is The First and The Best.  

Mesfen Manna .



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Testimony from a valued Afar Salt™ Customer;


Thank you very much for the 16 ounce "Perfect Pearl"!  The salt is  bright and sweet and very delicious....

Words from a valued Afar Salt™ Customer.

October 12, 2014

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 Afar Salt™ is produced by Mother Nature and harvested by The Afar people

direct from the pure and pristine waters of Lake Assal and The Red Sea.